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“STARSUN”Brand Source Foshan Kanghui Lighting Co., Ltd. under the brandThe brand was founded in 2005. "STARSUN”Chinese transliteration is“STARSUN”。 "STARSUN',Brand.By English“STAR',and“SUN',composition."STAR', representing the stars,"SUN', representing the sun.represents“StarSun”Lighting brand products and the stars and the same! At the time of the initial brand selection, Mr. He Yongji, the Huang Shichang of Foshan Kanghui Lighting Co., Ltd., realized the importance of establishing a brand with years of marketing practice. A good brand name can leave a deep memory. A good impression, a good brand can establish the consumer's consumption concept, it can be said that an effective brand strategy is the soul of the enterprise. In order to give this name to the lighting "baby", Mr. He Yongji did not have less brains. The name of the company should reflect the characteristics of the product: energy saving and environmental protection; it must be close to the customer, making people feel natural and friendly. In a starry night, he thought about getting dizzy and then went to the park outside with his son. Walking, his son pointed at the stars in the sky and asked: "Dad, the teacher said that the stars in the sky will not only shine, but also When we got lost, we gave us directions. Is it true?” Mr. He Yongji looked at his son carefully: “If you get lost, you can watch the sun during the day and the stars at night, you can identify the direction, so you can find it back. The road of the family." After he finished looking up at the starry sky, suddenly, He always shines: Yes! We are a company that creates "brightness". It can bring light and warmth like the sun in the daytime, and can guide people in the direction of the stars like the stars at night. This is not exactly what we are lighting companies. The purpose of the "STARSUN". In the mouth of Mr. He Yongji blurted out. Unique features plus unique naming. Refreshing. After the design and improvement of the professional designers, the company was finally established. When it was born, it would stand out from the crowd and open the gap with its competitors. It jumped out of the quagmire of homogenization in the industry and quickly became one of the leading brands in the market.